Marathon TS is always excited to expand! For our most recent strategic expansion, our talented team officially cut the ribbon on our brand new offices in Huntsville, AL.

We opened the office for several reasons. First and foremost, there is an enormous amount of Government work in the area. Huntsville enjoys the country’s second-largest tech, research, and development parks. It’s considered in the top of the nation’s high-tech hotspots, and one of the best Southern cities for defense jobs.

For us and for many of our clients, Huntsville is a strategic location. By having a presence there, we are able to provide our clients with a higher quality of service to help meet their needs. It’s one of the fastest growing markets in the country for us. Huntsville is a key geographic factor in our forward-looking strategic initiatives for growing the company and establishing a beachhead there.

We hired the immensely talented Drew Duffey to run our new office. Drew is responsible for identifying, developing, managing and executing staffing operations for clients within both the public and private sectors throughout the United States. Drew is a veteran of the staffing industry, born and raised in Alabama. He’s particularly skilled in sales, communication, technical recruiting, and retirement planning. He earned his B.A. in Communication, General from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Our office address is located at 7800 Madison Blvd, Suite 300, Huntsville, AL 35806.