Marathon TS places a large amount of our focus on highly secure, cloud-based microservices, capabilities, and environments. We not only develop and/or refactor cloud-native applications for many of our customers, but we also help others attain these objectives on their own in a reliable and expeditious manner. We accomplish this primarily by enacting highly tailored Agile methodologies internally and within our customer’s organizations.

Particularly for customers within the Intelligence Community, we prefer to streamline our projects by internally adopting and/or externally implementing a unique methodology called the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe. When we’re implementing this methodology for our customers, we’re taking the best practices from SAFe and tailoring a perfect fit for their unique needs. Not every customer is operating at the same level today, nor will they be in the future.

Like any healthy methodology, SAFe is only useful if it’s usable– by the developer, by the team, and by the organization(s) at large. We bring many years of insight and expertise that inform the comprehensive Agile solutions we provide to local and national government and industry leaders. We coach each customer through the process of aligning their project(s– or even the entire organization–with a SAFe methodology that is tailored to meet their particular requirements.

The scalable part of this methodology implies that you can use it for an individual team, or you can scale it all the way up to the entire enterprise. We have this relationship with several distinctly different customers where we apply it in similarly different ways, depending on the size of the organization we’re supporting.

The primary objective in getting started with implementation is ensuring efficiency and efficacy. At some point, someone in the organization needs to make the decision to use it. Maybe they went to a conference or worked with someone who’s using Agile in another organization to great success. Other organizations adopt it on their own sheerly out of desire, without fully understanding the path they need to take to start using it effectively. Many end up retraining existing staff or even restructuring their organization–all to overcome the resistance to change that is natural for most companies during these transitions. We are that agent of change for our customers.

Marathon’s primary focus for our customers is speeding up their production. This results in the delivery of IT solutions on a more regular basis through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), as opposed to the more traditional Waterfall methodologies. Just about everyone has their own hybrid methodology, which is a major advantage for our customers.

Later this month, we’ll talk about how Marathon TS breaks down SAFe methodologies across different teams of different sizes in different organizations with different goals.