One day, a beautiful baby girl was born into this world with all of the happiness and hope that is delivered with every precious child. She grew and grew, until the years had passed and she could grow no more in size…only in who she was as a person.

She tried hard in her life, and she did all that she could to grow into the right type of person to make her friends and family proud of her.

Who she became was amazing. She grew into such a smart and hard-working and wonderful person that her friends and family could not help but be so very proud.

Just when she thought she could grow no more, she found herself blessed with a beautiful, precious child of her own…and then another. How lucky could she be!

Then, while she rejoiced in her life and in her work and in her beautiful motherhood, this girl who had become so much in her life was stricken with an illness that is born to hurt and break hearts in this world.

Marcia Stanislas, one of our very own team members who we value more than she will ever know, is fighting, with every bit of the woman that she has grown to be, against a very dangerous form of cancer that is attacking her bile ducts and devastating her liver as we write these words.

She needs help to win this battle!

We are reaching out today to ask anyone touched by this post to share it with your own world so that we can all contribute in our own way to Marcia’s triumph and to her family’s joy. To those of you who work with us at Marathon TS, please know that you are welcome to make a voluntary donation to help offset Marcia’s mounting medical expenses. But helping us spread the word is just as important.

No matter who you are, or what has touched your life, we hope you understand how unfair this tragedy is and that we can all play a part in Marcia’s story.