The remote telework trend is nothing new. At the same time, according to recent reports from industry leaders like Condeco Software, the revelation of how valuable telework can be to both employer and employee in today’s digital world is transforming the way we work. While there will always be traditionalists on one side and early adopters on the other, it’s plain to see that the overall reliance on remote and flex/part-time employees is on the rise in private and public sectors.

Condeco’s report found that the potential benefits of leaving physical workspaces behind were primarily improvements in productivity, creativity, and innovation, a reduction in overall costs, and an increase in flexibility/agility. This last benefit focuses on a much more healthy integration of work into our lives. When technology allows for higher quotas, quotas rise. Yet, because of the core focus on a healthy work/life balance, we’re seeing more cross-skill training and scheduling flexibility as employee workloads are clearly defined through adaptable, innovative parameters.

“The research clearly shows that businesses are in the process of transforming their workplaces digitally, which enables them to transform the way that they are used physically,” said Paul Statham, Condeco’s CEO. “Today’s technology allows for space to be used more flexibly and for employees to work remotely. This benefits businesses by maximizing office space, reducing costs and keeping employees engaged and productive.”

According to the report, organizations offered some fantastic insights on their own biggest challenges when it came to these digital workspaces. Digitizing them in the first place, and integrating new technology into all areas of the company, was the biggest?? issue. Many (45% to 54%) also face problems adapting to employee expectations as other companies digitize and integrate workspaces. Fortunately, few (6% to 21%) found that ensuring sufficient meeting rooms to meet employee demand was rarely an issue. Who needs frigid tech chambers and fishy microwaves when we have backyard hammocks and all our data organized and designed at the push of a button?