Andrew Tessier started his career at Marathon TS as an intern during the winter of 2017-2018. He completed a second internship the following summer. In addition to helping the leadership team with their day-to-day responsibilities, Tessier used his time to begin learning and understanding the complicated world of government contracting.

After graduating from the James Madison University College of Business in May 2019 with a degree in Marketing, Tessier joined Marathon TS as a recruiter. In his position, he furthered his understanding of the federal marketplace’s technical landscape. He credits Marathon TS’s leaders for helping him learn how to be a contributing member of a successful team and for being able to identify the right talent to build other successful teams.

In August 2020, Tessier was promoted to Senior Business Development Executive. In this position, he and his team focus on growing Marathon TS’s customer base with service offerings like digital solutions and cloud capabilities. Tessier says, “In this position, I identify opportunities to continue growing Marathon TS by assisting customers across multiple government agencies. I think one key to my success at Marathon TS so far is that I enjoy learning every day, while also being able to share my past experiences and knowledge of the federal marketplace with our talented new employees.”