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In order to provide outstanding services that successfully meet the requirements and expectations specified by a customer, it is essential that organizations utilize a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to the delivery of services that is an integral part of their culture. Marathon TS has a firm commitment to excellence. Our goal is to provide our customers with error-free products and services that meet all contractual requirements and satisfy their needs. To meet this goal, we have established a formal TQM Program that is fully integrated in our service delivery methods and is based on five (5) basic concepts:

1. Quality assurance begins with planning for quality.
2. Quality is a measurable product and service characteristic.
3. Quality can and will be built into Marathon TS' products and services.
4. Project managers and individual team members are responsible for the quality of their own work.
5. The QA organization is responsible for implementing and maintaining a quality control system to support project managers and identifying and correcting impediments to quality performance.

Goals and Objectives of QAP

Marathon TS' goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding the requirements specified for the performance of this effort.

The objectives of our QAP are to:

  • Develop and execute quantifiable and repeatable methodologies for monitoring performance;
  • Where possible, adhere to the SMARTA principles: Specific, Measurable, Agreed To, Realistic, Timely, and Aligned performance measurements;
  • Evaluate and ensure adherence to documented project standards;
  • Monitor, collect, maintain, and measure performance metrics;
  • Provide the Navy unrestricted self-service access to the performance information;
  • Provide regular reports of performance results, including trend analysis;
  • Work with the Navy to calibrate performance metrics over time to align with the evolving needs;
  • Track and communicate non-compliance issues to help ensure resolution;
  • Review/update and apply version control to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
  • Develop and maintain process flows and internal controls for critical project areas and control gates;
  • Identify process deficiencies and/or data quality problems and prevent errors from cascading through down-stream processes;
  • Perform quality reviews based on perceived level of risk;
  • Monitor and document corrective work to ensure compliance;
  • Assess customer satisfaction with overall service levels;
  • Develop and maintain metrics against contractual performance measures;
  • Communicate with the Navy on a routine basis regarding the status of the project through reporting and collaboration tools, Performance Management Dashboard, Monthly Status Reports, Monthly Status Meetings, and e-mail notifications; and
  • Define the timelines for correcting deliverables identified the Navy.

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    (703) 230-4200
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